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Nikita and Callie's Rustic Boho Wedding Day | Brady Mountain Wedding Venue | LGBTQ | Crossville, TN

brides share a kiss at sunset in front of natural rocky pointe

Nikita and Callie first met in high school, and they hit it off right away. Their relationship had its fair share of ups and downs as they navigated the challenges of growing up and coming out. Their bond deepened as they went through these challenges together. One day Callie popped the question, Nikita said yes and they started planning. However, a few months later they put things on pause- not because they didn't love each other, but because they were not quite ready to make a lifelong commitment. Instead of breaking up, they continued to love and support one another and mature together until they were ready to take the ultimate step and tie the knot. This time Nikita proposed and Callie accepted without hesitation. Their wedding day celebrated their love, growth and perseverance.

Nikita's inspiration for her and Callie's wedding day was rustic boho chic.

Nikita's dress fit perfectly with her vision; it featured sheer lace detailing down both sides and a lengthy lacy train. Callie wore a grayish-tan suit with a v-neck white shirt. The brides-ladies wore mismatched dresses in dusty pink & rose shades while the brides-men wore tan suits.

Both Nikita and Callie wanted to share a first looks with family before the ceremony. Callie's mom did her make up, but had not see her dressed up in her suit. While Nikita had not revealed which dress she would be wearing to say her I dos. Needless to say everyone was delighted to see their daughter's wedding best revealed.

Nikita and Callie shared a first touch before the ceremony allowing them to connect before walking down the aisle. They stood back to back and leaned against one another while intertwining their hands. They shared private vows during this time and there were so many tears! It was absolutely beautiful getting to document their promise to love and uplift one another for the rest of their lives.

Brady Mountain Wedding Venue sits atop a ridge overlooking a valley with rolling mountains in the distance. It was a lovely spot that complimented the color palette of pinks and browns.

Nikita was tucked away before the ceremony in a quaint structure with a sign that read "Old Country Church." Her grandfather, brother and mom came together to share the honor of walking her down the aisle. Nikita and Callie both cried as they saw each other for the first time as Nikia was coming down the aisle. The ceremony was short and sweet, but filled with tender emotion- a tribute to their love. When they shared their first kiss and wife and wife the wedding party and guests cheered exuberantly.

Having spent the day apart they drank up their time together and posed effortlessly for the camera. The brides exuded playful energy, in the wooded and rocky Appalachian landscape, during their couples session. Their laughter echoed through the air as they exchanged joyful glances and stole kisses between poses. The vibrant colors of spring mirrored their joy with oneanother. Their couples photos capture the delight they shared on their special day as they embark on this beautiful journey together.

These ladies were not messing around when it came time for the cake cutting! Callie seemed genuinely surprised when Nikita smashed cake into her face. It was just a bit to start, but that small piece allowed both ladies to fully embrace what was started. Callie grabbed a handful of cake as Nikita tried to runaway; she was unsuccessful. Their playfulness allowed for lighthearted fun and memories on their big day.

After the brides cut the cake (and cleaned themselves up) they decided to embrace comfort for the remainder of their wedding day. Their matching reception sweatsuits allowed for a shift towards authenticity and relaxation, inviting everyone to celebrate their love without the constraints of formalities. Laughter filled the air as they danced, hugged, and celebrated their love in a space of genuine happiness and acceptance. They combined a bubble entrance with their outfit reveal before heading back inside to dance the night away.

lgbtq brides celebrate wedding day with bubble exit in matching tan sweatsuit reception outfits

To Nikita & Callie- May your love continue to grow every single day!

A huge shout-out to all the vendors who made their wonderful day come to life:

Videography: Lindsey Ballou

Catering: Smokin Beau's BBQ- Kingston, TN

Baker: Vicki Davis

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