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Giulia & Peter's Timeless Wedding Day | Clisby Pines | Chattanooga, TN

Updated: Mar 18

bride and groom dip kiss in front of gazebo on waterfront

Giulia's vision for her's and Peter's wedding day was classic and timeless. She wished to create an elegant atmosphere for their nuptials as well as the party to follow. Her color scheme consisted of icy blues, greens and ivory with floral arrangements featuring literally thousands of white roses. Her 'big splurge' was lining the entire aisle with roses, which transformed the ceremony space into a breathtakingly romantic pathway leading to the arbor. Giulia looked absolutely royal in her strapless dress (her second splurge) featuring buttons down the back and a sneakily sexy slit on the righthand side. Her bridesmaids wore mismatched dresses in light blue (I adore this trend, but more on that another time). Peter wore a light, almost easter blue suit while his groomsmen dressed in gray.

The expertise of Kinkead Performance and Events was evident throughout the day. These ladies took control of planning & execution, decor (including floral designs and that magical fairytale aisle) AND kept the dance floor packed from behind the DJ booth.

Giulia and Peter shared a first look before the ceremony allowing them to come together and soothe each others nerves before they made it official!

Their venue was the perfect compliment to Giulia's vision for a timeless backdrop. Clisby Pines, a Howe Farms venue, features acres upon acres of pine forests and thoughtful outdoor vistas. She fell in love with it for its open white interior and green foliage exterior. Clisby Pines' thoughtful design and amenities enhances the wedding day experience for brides and grooms, their families, up to 250 guests and vendors alike. As a photographer, I was thrilled by how many unique options we had to capture their couples portraits. I will note, that there is not a lot of open shade; Giulia and Peter's day was mostly cloudy and overcast (my favorite!), so we didn't have to battle too much with harsh light.

The sky cleared just as guests began arriving for the ceremony allowing Giulia to walk down the aisle sun-kissed in golden light. The ceremony celebrated Giulia and Peter's love and commitment to one another, as well as their differences and the uniqueness of their journey. In this bilingual ceremony their vows were translated in Portuguese, allowing everyone who traveled to celebrate their love to witness the commitment they made.

Upon entering the venue, their guests were met with an elegant duel staircase, white-washed walls, and elaborate chandeliers. The table settings were simple, yet sophisticated, showcasing stunning cornflower blue glassware.

The reception kicked off with the bride and groom's first dance. Then dinner was served fresh by Pizzeria Cortile and their cake was made by Amabile Laranjeira. I want to give a huge shout out to the baker; this cake was the most delicious wedding cake I have had to date. I'm not sure how this incredibly gooey Brazilian Pineapple Cake has never crossed my radar, but I am hooked.

The speeches given provided both laughter and tears before the dance floor opened and quickly became alive as Kinkead Performance and Events provided upbeat favorites for the crowd to dance to. The whole night was filled with celebration, reconnection and joy.

To close out the festivities, Giulia and Peter shared a private dance just before their sparkler send off, where they showed off their dip kiss skills one last time.

Here's to the newlyweds! May their love continue to flourish.

bride and groom share private champagne toast in deco style living room

A huge shout out to all their vendors who made their wonderful day come to life:

Photography: Lara Morgan

Videography: Garrett Shotts

Dress Designer: Enaura

Catering: Pizzeria Cortile

Lastly, I wanted to showcase this brilliant idea! In addition to their guestbook, Giulia and Peter provided paints and a framed canvas for their guests to collaboratively create a work of art. I love this because this abstract painting can be incorporated into their living room decor, in a way a guestbook could never be. It's truly one of a kind; the art school kid in me is obsessed with this unique keepsake!


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