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Delegating Tasks to Your Wedding Party for a Stress-free Wedding Day

Most members of your Wedding Party are longing for something to do!

Assigning tasks means everyone knows what they need to be doing and won't be aimlessly searching for things or asking you.

Bride and groom nuzzle noses as wedding party cheer for them on wedding day

Longing for a stress-free wedding day? Assigning jobs to your wedding party is vital to having a smooth and fun day.

Chances are your Wedding Party has been by your side helping pull everything together for your special day since your engagement. We love them for this, and they have certainly earned the right to enjoy themselves at your wedding, but they still have to support the execution of the day itself. The key to having a stress-free wedding day is trusting your vendors and asking your besties for help!

Even if you have a planner (best wedding planning decision you've made so far!) there are still tons of things happening throughout the day that you simply need help with. In fact bridesmaids and groomsmen have been a part of wedding traditions since at least the Preclassic Period. If we rewind to Roman times the wedding party served not only as witnesses but were actually there to confuse evil spirits thought to descend upon weddings. There's also a Biblical reference where both of Jacob's wives (yes, both...) were accompanied to the wedding by their servants to help them prepare for the day. In Anglo-Saxon times groomsmen were loyal warriors there to protect the groom. Luckily these days we can ask our closest family and friends to support us on our wedding day and not worry about any evil spirits!

Many of the tasks I'm going to suggest pertain to the early part of the day, but it doesn't end there! From ensuring you are staying hydrated to bringing the energy to the dance floor your besties are paramount to being able to drink in your big day (that goes by so quickly, it's insane)

It's important to remember that the Groomsmen aren't off the hook on the wedding day either, I'll be noting some tasks they can do to help keep everything running smoothly as well.

You can't do it alone babe...

bride and bridesmaids laughing while wearing matching robes

Task 1: The Dress Keeper

This person is in charge of all things dress including:

  • Steaming your dress (preferably the night before, but if somehow you do find yourself steaming the day of do it as early as possible so it has time to rest, AND you are not introducing humidity into the room while hair & make up are happening)

  • Hanging it and the Bridesmaids Dresses in the Bridal Suite

  • Ensuring all tags have been removed from all dresses

  • Ensuring proper hangers are being used. (If you choose not to splurge on custom hangers I suggest at least buying matching brown wooden hangers)

  • Assisting your photographer with it for photos

  • Having a sewing kit, crochet needle, tide pen and soap (just in case)

  • Extra hands for setting and fluffing your dress throughout the day - every dress is different, but having a person on either side is often ideal for setting your train.

  • Part of the Bustle Team

Groomsman Equivalent:

  • Assign one Groomsman (one of the more reliable ones, please) to ensure that everybody has all of their clothes and that they fit. This sounds so silly, but I cannot tell you how many times I've had to do Groomsman Formals after the ceremony because a couple of the guys had to make a run to Men's Warehouse. I even had THE GROOM go back home to get his shirt one time. Gentlemen, please do not ever do this to your bride. The stress and panic that happens when they learn you are not on site is something that nobody should ever hear on their wedding day. But, I digress...I've seen missing shirts, shirts that don't fit, missing shoes, missing jackets, missing ties, missing pocket squares- the list goes on.

  • At least two weeks prior to the wedding everybody should put their entire outfit on from head to heel and make sure everything fits. Then everything should be stored together. Except their shoes, yes, gentlemen you also need to break in your shoes (you'll thank me later).

  • This person can be in charge of any steaming or ironing that needs to be done- of course you will all have ironed the night before- but there are touch ups that may require attention.

  • Keeper of the Lint Roller- basically they'll make sure everybody (especially the groom) is looking clean and sharp

Task 2: The Room Master

This Person is in charge of The Bridal Suite or Groom's Room

  • Cleaning the mirrors - especially the one at the make-up station the bride will be getting ready at and the full length mirror she will be using when she gets into her dress. (Gentlemen: you probably only have one mirror in the Groom's Suite, so you're getting off easy on this one)

  • Keeping the room clean and tidy!

  • Keeper of the Details Box - The first thing I'll do when I arrive is photograph your dress and details, if everything is all together in a shoebox or small bag all I'll need to do is get your engagement ring from you!

  • Putting together a playlist! Having fun music for the early part of the day is critical for bringing good vibes. I think it's super fun if all of the bridesmaids or groomsmen can add songs to a shared playlist.

  • Ensuring the room is cleaned out on time and all personal belongings make it to the car or honeymoon suite.

Task 3: Snack & Drink Duty

This person is not only in charge of making sure the champagne is cold, but also making sure you eat and stay hydrated throughout the day!

  • Setting up delivery or planning to pick up lunch and snack trays for everybody!

  • Make sure there are plenty of plates, forks and utensils.

  • Don't forget a case of bottled water for each getting ready room.

  • Stocking the fridge with champagne, orange juice, beer, wine, gin - you name it!

  • Ensuring there is glassware for any toast photos - having champagne flutes (even plastic ones) looks so much cleaner in your photos than plastic cups.

Task 4: The Content Creator

I am so excited to capture your day and cannot wait to get home and go through all your photos and start editing them, but this all takes time. There are also a lot of little behind the scenes moments I may not be around for. Having someone taking cell phone snaps, especially while you're getting ready, will allow you to have fun BTS photos of you and your crew to look back on immediately.

  • Have them set up a shared album so all members of the wedding party can add their snaps from your special day

  • Hair Tie Police: have them keep an eye out for distractions (like apple watches) or anything that could cause indentations on the body (like hair ties).

groom and groomsmen take a selfie where the groom shows off his wedding ring

Task 5: The Firefighter & Timeline Manager

This is best delegated to your most organized bridesmaid:

  • Send them a one page copy of your timeline (they can even set it as their lock screen background) and ask them to keep an eye on the clock. Time goes so fast on your wedding day.

  • Even if you do have a planner there are a lot of moving parts and plenty of things that need to be managed that may not fall under your planners purview. It's so nice to have someone available as the go-to person for your planner- this way not every single question throughout the day is coming at you.

  • Make any necessary phone calls

  • Help manage any snags or unexpected events that may occur throughout the day so you can live your best life on your wedding day.

Task 6: Bouquet Duty

  • Drying all bouquets before Bridesmaids Formals and The Ceremony

  • Ensuring everyone has their bouquet, especially is travel is involved.

  • Helping to ensure the Bride comes back down the aisle with her bouquet

  • Knowing where bouquets go after The Ceremony

  • Being in charge of the toss bouquet (and garter if you're doing a garter toss and don't plan to wear it all day)

  • Minding Flower Girl baskets and ensuring they have them at appropriate times

Groomsman Equivalent: Boutonniere Duty & Pocket Police

  • Study up on how to pin a boutonniere!

  • While you're at it practice folding a pocket square

  • Bring extra heavy duty straight pins

  • Make sure everyone empties their pockets (phone, keys, wallet etc) prior to the ceremony and any formal photos. If your suit jackets are a bit snug the outline will show through the jacket pocket too.

Task 7: Your Support Person & Extra Eyes

Maid of Honor:

  • First and foremost your Maid of Honor is your go to emotional support person!

  • Knows how the dress bustles and how to put in/take out your veil.

  • Dress & Veil Fluffer. Make sure you practice this a few times before the ceremony to get a feel for how the dress behaves and wants to lay.

  • Carry the bride's lipstick and blotting papers & keep an eye out if she needs touch-ups

  • Is an extra set of eyes for hair out of place or anything that looks off.

  • Carry tissues (tuck one or two in your bouquet for the ceremony)

  • In charge of The Bride's vow book.

  • In charge of The Brides belongings - especially her phone.

  • In charge of an emergency kit- including safety pins, bobby pins, eyelash glue, scissors, tweezers, Tylenol, bandaids, deodorant etc

  • Point Person for bustling the dress

  • Bathroom Buddy

Best Man:

  • Is available to bring zen energy and settle any nerves.

  • Serves as an extra set of eyes to ensure all the Groom's little details are on point and that he is looking sharp.

  • In charge of The Rings and The Groom's vow book.

  • In charge of The Groom's belongings - especially his phone and keys.

  • Has tissues in his pocket

  • Has a dude's emergency kit including whiskey, a pocket knife, deodorant, extra socks, a razor, straight pins etc

Task 8: The Welcome Team

Really all of the groomsmen should be pulling their weight on this one, but I do think it is important that at least one groomsman be asked specifically to be out and about as guests are arriving to serve as a familiar face, welcome everyone and answer any questions.

  • Knows a sizable number of the guests

  • Knows basic details about the day and timeline

  • Can offer directions to the ceremony site, restrooms etc

  • Knows where important stations are including the seating chart, guest book, gifts & cards table, refreshments etc

  • Directs guests to sign the guest book

  • Encourages guests to sit towards the center aisle so there are no gaps in photos

Task 9: Family Photo Wrangler

This task is best assigned to someone who knows your entire family, but won't necessarily be in a ton of family photos- think a cousin or childhood friend, but a sibling can work in a pinch. It's often best to have one person/side assigned to this role.

  • Has the family photo list and knows who needs to is included.

  • Ensures that nobody in family photos sneaks away to cocktail hour.

  • If we do have an escapee, this person can go fetch them right away

  • Gather the group 'on deck' to keep family photos moving quickly

  • Bonus: Proof the Family Photo List to ensure that all the pairings makes sense (Personally I try to be so diligent about grasping your family tree, but I don't know your family. It's very easy to misunderstand how somebody fits in to your family and include them with the wrong folks)

  • This person should also help keep tabs on the rest of the Wedding Party when it is time for formals and gathering any little ones with special roles.

Task 10: Life of the Party & Hype Man

Calling your most gregarious and charming friends to BRING IT on the dance floor!

  • Having a good DJ is just the first step to having an amazing dance floor. If the newlyweds aren't on the dance floor it's less likely their guests will be. But it's also weird if it's just the newlyweds on the dance floor. When the rest of the wedding party starts getting low, it's infectious.

  • If you're planning a sunset session or fake exit with just a few guests, or really anything that might take you away from the dance floor you don't want to kill those dance floor vibes. Make sure that a few of your most energetic besties stay out there and keep the party vibes happening.

  • Bonus Tip: If you are planning anything that would pull you away from the dance floor speak with your DJ about what you'd like him to play while you're away - or more specifically, not play. It sucks to be out taking gorgeous sunset photos and to have one of the songs you're most excited to dance to come on while you're away.

Crit: Game Master

Having a couple of fun games that can help heighten the togetherness for you and your wedding party is a delightful way to spend any down time. I highly recommend quick games that are easy to learn!

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