As a photographer I am passionate about working with analog materials and preserving darkrooms in artistic communities. I shoot medium and large format film then hand develop it and scan it; I print silver gelatin prints in the darkroom and work with a wet lab to produce C-Prints. 

I am in the process of building a tin-type studio and hope to be offering portrait sessions soon.


By searching for things dismissed I provide a voice for the forgotten or discarded. I am inspired by my (re)connection with the southern landscape after living in cities away from my home state of Tennessee for over a decade.


L.Morgan Photography Etsy Store is OPEN!

If you don't see an image you're interested in on the Etsy Page please contact me directly, I am more than happy to get the right print, at the right size, for you.

Recent Exhibitions

I am honored to announce that this year I have been accepted in three different exhibits.

Many thanks to all the people who have made these show a success

'Stories of The South' at Ground Floor Galleries, Nashville, TN

March, 2020

'Home' at

The Mansion at Strathmore, North Bethesda, MD

February, 2020

'Open Lens VI' at 

The Davinci Art Alliance, Philadelphia, PA

January, 2020

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